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Nothing is off the menu

With over 300 banquets a year, delivering catering innovation on a vast scale is something we’re more than familiar with. We also understand that food can make or break a conference. After all, it’s often the thing delegates look forward to most, especially if they’re only visiting for the day. It’s why our experienced team ensure every dish that’s served doesn’t simply satisfy appetites and boost energy levels, but smashes expectations.

We've got it covered

  • Menu innovation
  • Live theatre
  • Home-grown favourites

Menu innovation

Every event is different, so shouldn’t our menus follow suit? Our chefs certainly think so. It’s why some of our menus are specifically designed to boost energy and performance, while others are directly influenced by a place, person or theme.

Live theatre

Live theatre has become a key element of conference catering. That’s why guests can now enjoy live-action cooking right at the table, providing them with a rare chance to meet the creative minds behind the menus.

Home-grown favourites

Championing local produce remains close to home for our chefs. A quick look at any Amadeus menu will reveal locally-inspired dishes that take full advantage of the deliciously fresh, seasonal ingredients available right on the doorstep. 

Just need a caterer?

We’ll come to you! Wherever your event is taking place, we’ll bring your vision to life through our menus and service. Get in touch with one of the team to discuss directly.

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