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Our food and beverage team are always looking out for the latest innovation and The Little Coffee Bag Company provides visitors with great tasting coffee that also offers speed and efficiency.

Providing cafetière quality coffee for large numbers of visitors can prove difficult for many hospitality providers operating at high footfall events in busy venues. Amadeus wanted to provide visitors with great tasting coffee that also offered speed and efficiency – The Little Coffee Bag Company does just that.

The Little Coffee Bag Company is run by Roger Bate who came up for the idea for his innovative product when out on his motorbike. He said: “I used to spend my weekends going motorcycle racing in countryside fields but really use to miss my coffee. Instant coffee was easy to make but it just didn’t taste like a premium coffee. We therefore wanted to create a premium quality coffee which oozed luxury but had the same speed and ease of instant coffee.”

This is where The Little Coffee Bag Company was born. A simple set up where a bag of quality cafetière style coffee is placed in hot water, just like a teabag, is stirred round and removed after two minutes. Today the coffee bags, containing premium Arabica beans, can be found in five-star hotel Gleneagles, Hilton and in the premium rooms for Holiday Inn as well as at Amadeus’ arena venues.

Marc Frankl, Food and Beverage Director explains why The Little Coffee Bag Company works so well for the arena venues in Amadeus’ portfolio. “Great tasting coffee is popular at all of the venues we cater for. Our arena venues see up to 16,000 people come through the doors for each event – typically in a 90-180 minute window before a show starts, so serving quality F&B with speed is key. We decided coffee machines were not suitable for these locations so we were looking for an alternative, innovative solution to providing great coffee, quickly and efficiently.”

Where can I enjoy The Little Coffee Bag Company?

  • Arena Birmingham - one of the busiest, large-scale indoor sporting and entertainment venues in the world and accommodates everything from music, sport and comedy, to family entertainment and live theatre.

  • Resorts World Arena - the Midlands’ outstanding entertainment experience for artists and visitors alike. As one of the world’s top entertainment arenas, it hosts the world’s best comedians, sports people, singers, songwriters, dancers, daredevils and everything in between.