The Amadeus team have just finished catering for the Insomnia event held at the NEC - the UK’s biggest ever gaming event.

Mary Tatlow, Key Account Manager for Amadeus at the NEC, talks us through Amadeus’ role in the unique event.

The Amadeus team gearing up for the event
The Amadeus team love working on this event as it’s so different!
Mary Tatlow, Key Account Manager for Amadeus at the NEC

How many visitors does Amadeus cater for at Insomnia?

This Easter 23,500 visitors attended Insomnia 64 – the ninth time the festival has come to the NEC. The event is growing at an incredible rate in terms of attendance, and the organisers work to provide ever changing content to keep the event fresh.

What makes the Insomnia event unique to cater for?

Insomnia always brings a unique set of requirements and challenges with it! One of the most critical requirements for the event is to provide a catering service for the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) community who engage in live games and competitions on a global scale around the clock.

When the Insomnia event came to the NEC, Amadeus developed the Qjacker online ordering service to allow gamers to order food and refreshments directly to their seats from 8am – 2am each day without causing disruption to their play. The Qjacker app continues to grow in popularity with more and more visitors using it each year.

Normal operations were also in effect and NEC Group service partners extended their hours to support the core team, while an out of hours support team ensured any issues were resolved promptly, therefore not affecting food service or customer experience.

How many visitors used the app?

The Q Jacker app was available to 2280gamers in the BYOC section of the show. We delivered 5553 orders over an open period of 82 hours.

What do you put this year’s Q Jacker success down to?

Increased awareness of Q Jacker through word of mouth within the community as well as improved signage, a bespoke leaflet made for gamers desks and tailored digital signage. Also, competitive pricing points and a slick operation delivered by a dedicated team!  The Amadeus team love working on this as it’s so different!

Fun facts

  • 2120 burgers, 1766 portions of fries and 1101 pizzas were ordered by gamers via the Q Jacker app
  • 10,075 alcoholic drinks in total were ordered via Q Jacker
  • Starbucks sold 1282 Frappuccinos during the event – almost 400 of these being caramel!