Amadeus works with Winnow to reduce food waste

Amadeus has reduced food waste by a third at the ICC in Birmingham after partnering with food waste pioneers Winnow, as the business puts sustainability at the heart of its work.

Becoming the first catering company in the events sector to partner with Winnow, software was installed in kitchens at the ICC, monitoring both the type and amount of food being disposed of.

Image for Amadeus works with Winnow to reduce food waste
The ICC's head chef, Simon Hellier

Data is validated by the user selecting the item that’s being disposed of from a catalogue on an iPad. The iPad is connected to Winnow which then weighs it, allowing for accurate daily and weekly reporting on wastage levels.

The technology has been used to save more than 16 tonnes of food – the equivalent of 40,800 meals a year.

To find out more, watch the below video.