11th – 17th March marks the annual Brain Awareness Week, organised by the DANA Foundation. Its purpose is to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research.

Here at Amadeus, we created an award winning ‘Focus Food’ menu for the ICC by taking the science behind nutrition and developing it into a delicious range of food choices for delegates. By combining just the right mix of good fats, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins (while still leaving room for pudding), the menu ensures delegates are fully focused on the event from start to finish.

Amadeus teamed up with The Food for The Brain Foundation, an educational charity aiming to increase awareness of the link between optimum nutrition and brain health, to create a specially accredited menu. Over six months, the team worked collaboratively with the Foundation to create a range of menus, specifically designed to boost delegates’ energy levels, concentration and performance, as well as supporting general health.

The presentation of the treats encourages mindful eating supporting delegates in making the healthiest choice.

The chef team designed menus featuring high protein foods that provide slow release energy with all dishes using fresh ingredients for maximum nutrition and great taste. Appetising vegetable dishes and salads are featured along with healthy proteins and oils. Sugar is carefully managed to provide a healthy balance with desserts designed to have powerful antioxidant properties. Even the way the food is cooked allows maximum nutrition and flavour to be retained. All whilst ensuring dietary requirements are catered for.

This does not mean no treating! However, the presentation of the treats encourages mindful eating supporting delegates in making the healthiest choice. For example, mini cookies are placed in glass jars with lids creating an extra barrier.

Each course is served at the time considered best for boosting performance and concentration, while portion sizes are controlled so calorie intake is appropriate for that time of day. Hydration is key to maintaining concentration. To encourage delegates to remain well hydrated throughout the event lemon and cucumber infused water is available for refills.

Amadeus are passionate about educating staff about the initiative – a specific training programme has been launched to include kitchen staff, front of house and sales staff. In addition, Food For the Brain ‘Champions’ have been nominated to ensure that the concept is kept alive throughout the business.

Amadeus first gained Food For The Brain accreditation at the ICC for this initiative in February 2017. Achieving accreditation status requires that a range of standards are met across a range of criteria including nutrition value of the menu, ingredient quality and cooking methods used.

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