Aaron and Charlene’s MIDAS trip to Miami - Day 2

After bagging back-to-back Sustainability Awards from the MIDAS Network, the pair were rewarded with a trip to Miami for the group's Food Insights Tour

Nothing says Miami like a yacht, as me and Charlene unwound and enjoyed the sunshine on day two.

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Everyone was in good spirts, relaxing to music and drinking champagne whilst admiring the amazing skyline of Miami in our three-and-a-half hour trip.

It was so much fun… but I think a couple of people got a little sun burnt… me included!

It was an amazing afternoon of networking, laughing and dancing, said Charlene, who in her own words… ‘felt like a millionaire’!

After the yacht trip, the pair split off to experience two different offerings for dinner. Charlene enjoyed bustling, tropical themed bar Esotico after the yacht trip, with menu choices being influenced by Jamaican, Hawaiian and Mexican cuisine.

I was very brave and tried foods I never thought I would, one being octopus, which to my surprise was delicious.

We ordered a selection of starters to share, all of which were presented beautifully and tasted amazing. My main choice was Slow roasted pork shoulder on banana leaf with Hawaiian salt, coconut rice, pickled onion. So good.

Meanwhile Aaron was in seafood heaven at Mignonette Oyster Bar…

It might be my favourite food of the trip - though I do have a massive love affair with seafood!

A former-1930s gas station, Mignonette offers an exciting menu, especially if you like to slurp oysters, or sample fine caviar. And they specialize in the best east and west coast oysters… yummy.

I had to try the Oyster! So, I had the oyster Flight, 3 raw east coast oysters, then I had the charred octopus and then the scallops! Honestly, it was food heaven.

Overall, this was such a wonderful night, amazing food and perfect company! The service was just exceptional; our waitress Sarah was excellent and her menu knowledge outstanding (especially paring the wines to all different seafood choices).

After a wonderful meal, we met back up at Sweet Caroline’s karaoke bar until the early hours in the morning.