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What sets a group of people apart from another? Their beliefs. Catering is a simple equation of food and people and making sure both are the best they can be. But for us that’s the start, not the end. What we do is deliver more than just private, corporate and event catering. We like to be adventurous. Seeing challenges as opportunities, open to new thinking and inspiration, confident as we know our stuff but not arrogant, willing to be open and flexible. It’s about evolving and working with people who want to grow and come on our adventure with us.

Onwards and upwards,doing what we do best, even better.

  • Food provenance, seasonality and sustainability drive our sourcing
  • Our talented people don't interview, they audition so we get stars
  • We believe in food less ordinary

The recipe for success

640 Culinary awards
44 fantastic wedding celebrations
4 million visitors per year
1 MD with 20 years experience
1 Olympic games
50 marketers
7 board members
1 love of food
135 chefs
61 apprentices
15 innovation specialists
676 flexible staff


We are very proud of our work and our team, and it's great to be rewarded